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Dr. Lundgren fixed my shoulder problems and helped improve my energy. I highly recommend her!- R.C.

Dr. Lundgren provides health care that is effective and in a compassionate manner. Comprehensive and integrative health care that is effective. Dr. Lundgren is a compassionate knowledgeable practitioner, I highly recommend her! -Sara G.

Recently, towards the end of my pregnancy, I saw Dr. Lundgren for labour preparation. I was looking for 3 simple acupuncture treatments, as I had read that acupuncture can prepare the body for birth quite well, she went above and beyond this though. Not only did I get the acupuncture, but a lot additional information on preparing for my upcoming delivery in other ways. I felt that she really cared about me and my delivery, and wanted me to feel as comfortable as possible about the upcoming birth. I feel that these treatments are one of the reasons that my labour and delivery were quick and without complication. The whole experience was wonderful. I would not deliver a baby without these treatments!

Blessings, Sajà

Dr. Lundgren took a lot of time evaluating what was causing the pain I was experiencing before putting a plan together to help me get back to normal and get rid of the pain I was experiencing. -C

Dr. Lundgren will listen to you and make sure you get the treatment you need to get healthy and stay healthy. Thank you for helping our daughter!- Seth

Dr. Lundgren keeps up with the latest in homeopathic treatments, and produces excellent results.- Rod

Dr. Lundgren is extremely passionate about helping people reach their health goals. She takes the time to listen and gets to the cause of their health problems rather than treating the symptoms. I will refer Her to my family and friends for their Medical needs. Thank you for everything you do Dr. Lundgren!- M. L.

What’s not to love about Dr. Lundgren? She is very attentive, great sense of humor, doesn’t drug you. Takes the time to find the root of your illness then give you a healthy plan to eliminate it. no side effects!! Healthy life!! Yea whats not to love about that?- Michelle

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