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Healthy living encompasses body, mind and spirit. On this page you will find simple yet useful tips to promote whole health.

Basic steps for healthy living:

1. Water: Drink 1/2 your you body weight in ounces per day of alkaline or neutral pH water (bottled water tends to be acidic, bad for the environment and has xenoestrogens from the plastic)

2. Breath: Breathing deep allows more oxygen to circulate in you body- every organ, especially your brain and heart needs oxygen. Plus this switches you to more parasympathetic (chill) mode which lowers blood pressure and reduces stress.

3. Exercise: Like breathing, exercise helps reduce stress and circulate oxygen but it also gets your heart working and lymph moving to help eliminate things your body does not need like cellular metabolites and toxins.

4. Whole Food: You body needs good nutritious food to make energy, fight infection, maintain health- in short sustain life. Reach for unprocessed, organic goodness to treat your body right.

5. Laugh: Laugh so hard your cheeks and sides ache. Joy is important for positive chemical release in the brain and benefits the body in so many ways. I could write a book on the importance of joy and its correlation to health.


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